Spectrum Live Conference Kansas City

What a fun weekend in Kansas City. Many thanks to the wonderful Arnie and Cathy Fenner for putting on such an amazing event! Here is our booth (the online school where I teach…www.theartdepartmentschool.com)

And an amazing talk by Peter deSeve!


And fellow instructor Jon Foster with Arnie Fenner


5 Responses to “Spectrum Live Conference Kansas City”

  1. Carl V. Anderson Says:

    It really was an amazing event again this year. Overwhelming to have that much talent and energy in one place for three days. Was great to see The Art Department at the show again this year.

  2. Bill Carman Says:

    It really was a great event and such a pleasure to meet you Anita. Would love to stay in touch.

  3. anitakunz Says:

    Yes absolutely!!! Please put me on a mailing list if you have one….Cheers!

  4. anitakunz Says:

    I really wish I had taken more photos…there were so many amazing talented artists and fun people to meet!

  5. Carl V. Anderson Says:

    Me too. I took some Friday night then was kicking myself Monday morning that I didn’t take any Sat or Sun.

    I got to interview Charles Vess on stage and have no pictures of it! Ugh!

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