Random quotes from the TED conference this year

Last year I tried something new as a report from the TED conference. I was taking copious notes in the dark, and when I read them later, instead of seeming disjointed there was actually kind of an interesting flow to them. So here goes…quotes from TED 2013 Long Beach!TED

Should coding be the new mandatory literacy for the 21st century?
The rainforest is being destroyed at 32 million acres per year.
Treat others not as YOU want to be treated but as THEY want to be treated.
Maybe we are very near immortality.
Technology is racing ahead but it’s leaving more and more people behind. A child’s playstation today is much more sophisticated than a military computer was in 1996.
Three hundred billion dollars per year are not counted toward the GDP because the good or services are free. That makes it more difficult to measure economic growth.
The two most important variables that will determine everything moving forward are climate change and demographics.
Do expect more extreme weather. The trouble is that we view climate change as something occurring in the distance. Make it personal.
It is very difficult to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat.
Seize the limitations. We need to be limited in order to be limitless. Art is action not just results. Just show up for the process.
Choice not chance determines ones destiny.
Eighty percent of life’s defining moments happen by the age of 35. The brain caps off its last growth spurt at 30.
Prior education worked because the British Empire needed replicated people who could go to the colonies and function well. Schools as we know them are now obsolete. Exams in particular are viewed as threats by our reptilian brains, and the brain shuts down when it’s threatened. Learning should be thought of as pleasure and not threatening.
Be lazy like a fox.
In 1982 the phone book of email addresses was less than an inch thick. Now it would be 25 miles thick. Yet there is no back up system and we don’t know the ultimate consequences of an attack on the internet.
If you make a huge effort with passion the possibilities are limitless.
We have a crisis of imagination.
Ask for what you need without shame.
The US Congress is broken.
Pay attention to negative feedback.
Rockets must become reusable.
We will soon be able to dump our ideas directly to digital media. These types of studies may lead to curing Alzheimers and similar diseases.
The difference between us and animals is the sophistication at which we communicate with one another.
According to brain scans, seeing an image and imagining a similar image show up in the same way in the scans.
There’s something poetic about using nuclear fission as a method of making energy to propel us to the stars which are made of similar material.
Play your life with all you have and share it with the world.
With advances in biotech, the revival of extinct species will be possible. We will get woolly mammoths back.
Twenty five thousand elephants are killed yearly for their ivory.
Humans have made a huge holes in nature for the past 10,000 years and we have an obligation to remedy this.
Constraints can catapult creativity. See problems as allies instead of opponents.
Forty percent of our food is wasted.
It is easier to get gold out of a ton of old phones than it is to get gold out of ore. Our consumption is a huge problem and design is the solution.
If kids grow kale, kids eat kale.
The perfect storm is bearing down on us, rising population, desertification and climate change. Desertification by itself is the immediate cause of most poverty, social breakdown, violence and cultural genocide.
Most trash bags won’t degrade for 5,000 years.
Forty billion dollars is wasted on electricity per year that has nothing to do with our well-being, for example lights left on in empty rooms, air conditioners left on when nobody is home, etc. This is one of the causes of climate change.
If you make something out of wood, honour the life of the tree and make it as beautiful as you can.
Look inward not outward for artistic influence.
Language has been around for 150,000 years. Texting has developed a whole new language but it is just a new part of our existing repertoire, and should not be feared or disliked.
Dolphins are cognitively second only to humans.
Numbers are the musical notes with which the symphony of the universe is written.
There are 30,000 newly infected websites every day and 80% of those belong to small businesses. How much are we trading convenience for privacy and security?
Forty percent of the world’s people have no adequate toilets, leading to untold diseases. Four thousand children die per day of diarrhea alone as a direct result.
We should not restrict the internet to one species.
When I was 7 I saw my first public execution.
If you can’t see anything good about yourself get a better mirror.
Women are not only as intelligent as men, but superior when it comes to executive function.
Psychopaths know the words but not the music of empathy.
The foundations of moral behaviour are inborn.
We were lied to in the past elections…Saddam Hussein actually hated Al Qaeda.
The brain is plastic and capable of extraordinary change.
To truly enjoy warmth a small part of you has to be cold.
Humans inflict an immense amount of suffering on billions of animals per year.
Charity work is a solid base for self esteem. I used to battle depression until I started giving.
What we are doing is treating the atmosphere as an open sewer. Not in all of the recent presidential debates was there one question asked of the candidates about climate change. Today’s climate conversation is politicized, polarized and demonized. Yet we dump ninety million tons of garbage into the atmosphere every day.
Less than one percent of the deep sea has been explored. Half of the oxygen we breathe is from the ocean. We throw away one trillion plastic bags every year.
One in 20 hospital patients will get an infection while there.
Let’s plant some shit!

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