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The Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists Convention 2012

June 27, 2012

Tomorrow in Montreal I’ll be part of a panel discussion with Barry Blitt and Matt Diffee about working for the New Yorker magazine. I can’t wait…it’s going to be so much fun!!



Update….I had SO much fun!!! Here’s some press:…/story.html

And a link to Justin Trudeau’s talk (son of Pierre….and I’m willing to bet that Justin will be Prime Minister of Canada in a decade or two!)

Design Days Istanbul

June 27, 2012

I had a wonderful time in Istanbul last week at the +1T newspaper conference. There were a number of really great speakers, and the students were bright and interesting. The main thing we all agreed upon was that there is a major shift of information from print to tablets, and where that leaves newspapers remains to be seen. For now though the newspaper industry in Istanbul seems to be thriving. Many thanks to Fevzi Yazici for inviting me!

Kent Monkman

June 17, 2012

I love the work of Kent Monkman. He’s a Canadian multidisciplinary artist who is gay, and Cree by ancestry. He refers to traditional Canadian academic painting to challenge our ideas of colonialism and sexuality. Amazing work, and funny to boot! Currently on display at Centre Space  (Pierre-Francois Oulette) gallery in Toronto. Also see

Please don’t steal my work

June 14, 2012

Regarding copyright infringement:
It’s come to my attention that two of my copyrighted images have been used by a number of people on the internet without credit to me or or any sort of attempt at obtaining permission.
This puts me in an extremely compromised position with the company to whom I granted an exclusive license to one of the images and to whom I am contractually obligated.

And by using my images without credit to promote their companies and/or ideologies these many infringers are enabling others to take the images without permission as well, compounding my situation exponentially. In the past I have politely emailed some of these infringers asking them to remove my images. These requests have often been met with hostility and arrogance.
Therefore the only recourse I have to this type of theft is a legal one. I feel that the copyright system is important to artists because it essentially allows us to make a living from our efforts. Copyright was devised by the founding fathers as a way to allow the arts to flourish, by letting artists make a living making art.
And I believe that the concept of copyright is meaningless unless is is enforced. To this end I have decided to pursue these infringements legally with my attorney Ed Greenberg. I feel as though I need to defend myself against theft, theft of what’s most important and self-defining to me in my life, my work.

Istanbul newspaper conference

June 3, 2012

I’ll be lecturing and giving a workshop in Istanbul in 2 weeks. Please see
I’m excited! It will be my 4th trip to Istanbul.