MiMaster Illustrazione, Milan

Thank you to organizers Giacomo Benelli, Ivan Canu and Piera Nocentini for organizing a wonderful workshop at MiMaster Illustrazione. I had a fantastic time in Milan! And thank you to my students Adriano, Chris, Benedetta, Pio, Francesca, Elena, Tai, Anna, Annelisa, Alice, Paola, Marco, Patrizia, Carlotta, Jiusy, Luca, Margaretta, Monica and Julia! You were wonderful students.. curious, hard working and talented! Ciao for now!

Some of the students are pictured below with their completed projects.

And my fabulous hosts

2 Responses to “MiMaster Illustrazione, Milan”

  1. MiMaster Illustrazione Says:

    Il segno di Anita Kunz al MiMaster!

  2. Francesca Says:

    Hello Anita, thank you for this wonderful experience! I have been sad to leave after only three days, every day has been full of inspiration and very instructive tips! Sorry if I wasn’t at my best the last day, I was catching a flu and my mood was low.
    Oh, it’s great that you posted the finished works, I was really curious to see them!!
    By the way, I’m still struggling with my illustration :P, I hope to show it to you soon 🙂

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