I love this! Land of the Giants

Making something mundane truly beautiful can be a tough project. Architects Choi + Shine have designed electric pylons that are really spectacular!

Also see: http://www.choishine.com/port_projects/landsnet/landsnet.html

3 Responses to “I love this! Land of the Giants”

  1. Gisele Paquette Says:


    I was a pleasure to meet you at the Summit. I will be using your images in my Dance and Visual Arts class. I hope you remember me I am the one with the hat whom took your lunch hour discussing about Dark matter. Thank you for coming to Kingston and I do hope we will have a chance to meet again.


  2. Gisele Paquette Says:

    Anita Kunz work is amazing…what an artist.

  3. property Says:


    […]I love this! Land of the Giants « Anita Kunz’s Weblog[…]…

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