For our friends in Japan

I received this call recently through my friend Morteza Majidi from Tehran. Please help if you can.

“We are a group of professional artists and creators related to the Japanese Tohoku area communities affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster and we are working hard to produce a charity Art Book app to help and heal them. This is an app for the iPhone and iPad made with contributed works from worldwide professional creators like you. The sales proceeds of this app will be contributed in full to an NPO currently aiding the affected areas.

We are very fortunate to have Mr. Tatsuro Kiuchi ( ) joining us and he has suggested we invite you to join him and many other Japanese creators in producing a top-quality app.

We are also very happy to inform you that the Art Tails app is now finally available for download on the iPhone and iPad app stores worldwide. The first version of the app includes the collection of the first 54 works received, under the title “Volume 1 – A Message for Japan

The Art Tails project delivers heartfelt messages and images dedicated to cheer Japan heart’s up. Modern Art pictures, graphic design works, illustrations, photographs, and author’s texts have been put together in a number of Art Book volumes that you can view and enjoy with the Art Tails app.

Any of the Art Tails art books containing an approximate number of 50+ high-quality images can be purchased for only 1 dollar. For detailed information please check the Art Tails project website at

You can also freely check a sample version of each book at no cost. If you then decide to buy the book, you can conveniently do so from within the app. After purchase, all images and their corresponding author’s profile and messages can be freely viewed. They can also be saved into your device’s camera roll so that you can use them as your device’s decorative wallpaper*. Art Tails is a universal app which means you can use it in your iPhone and your iPad without having to pay twice for the books you have bough

Enjoy the high-quality images and read the warm messages together with their author’s profile by simply double-tapping on the image.

One Response to “For our friends in Japan”

  1. dzipeto Says:

    Thanks for posting this! I am going to send images. There was a flood of artwork and feeling right after the disaster, heartfelt, emotional imagery. I can imagine there being a need for more.

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