Jean Paul Gaultier

I was in Montreal this past week and had the opportunity to see the Jean Paul Gaultier show at the Museum of Fine Art. I’m not much of a fashionista but the show took my breath away.
There was an amazing range of funny, cheeky and always gorgeous clothing. The craftsmanship as extraordinary and the ideas superb. One of my favorites was a gown where from a distance it appeared that the bodice was made of a leopard head, and the pelt made up the front of the gown. Upon close inspection, I realized that it wasn’t a pelt at all, but rather an intricate pattern of tiny beads….amazing!
Another favorite was a jumpsuit printed in images of what would be the underlying muscle structure of the model.
Many of the mannequins had projections on their heads making them appear as though they were speaking or singing, adding an extra element of the surreal.
Gaultier is an amazing conceptual, brilliant artist.

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