Doug Wright Awards

I had the great honor and pleasure this year of being a judge for the Doug Wright awards for graphic novels and comic books. I read 10 amazing books and it was really difficult to come up with winners. My personal favorite was Baba Yaga and the Wolf. The following is a brief missive from the website:
Baba Yaga and the Wolf, Marek Colek and Pat Shewchuk, drawing inspiration from early Russian animated films, Slavic mythology, and symbols and pictography associated with the many iterations of the Baba Yaga mythos, have given new breath to an age-old cautionary tale of being careful to voice that which one most desires in a world where every leaf on every branch on every tree might be aware of such wants and the darkness that exists at their root.
Wonderful work!
Also, from 3 years ago I love Jillian Tamaki’s beautiful drawings in the graphic novel Skim which she produced with her cousin Mariko Tamaki.
Really gorgeous. Both books are highly recommended!

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