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Robin Eley

April 10, 2011

There’s nothing better than having the privilege of teaching young artists especially when they later go on to produce brilliant work. Former Illustration Academy student Robin Eley has just created an amazing series of oil paintings. Please see
He has a very bright future ahead.

Image used with permission, copyright Robin Eley

Queen and REM for Rolling Stone

April 4, 2011

These are 2 recent commissions from Rolling Stone Magazine. They are 2 of 8 images I have in the current ‘Greatest Artists of All Time’ issue. Thank you Steve Charny!

And Mel Gibson for Entertainment weekly!

Mark Zuckerberg x 2

April 4, 2011

Here are two versions of portraits of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

For students/ life drawing

April 3, 2011

I always stress to students that it’s critical to do as much drawing as possible. Life drawing is the best way to gain some understanding of the figure. Many students use photography as a crutch, and I find the best way to really learn how to draw, and develop hand/eye coordination is to draw from life. Fellow TAD instructors are some of the best life artists I’ve seen. To see Mark English draw from life please see: Another TAD instructor who is a master at life drawing is George Pratt. See George…sketchbook section. I love life drawing, and I always use the basic figure, and then let my imagination go! I recently had the pleasure of teaching with Vanessa Lemen and she uses the same approach I do. We both begin very standard drawings or paintings from a model, and then modify the images according to what they inspire in is. It’s a great way to develop not only drawing skills but also to begin to develop personal point of view. I find it interesting to see what Vanessa “sees” in her models. First my work:

And now here’s Vanessa’s work. See how she starts making a beautiful realistic painting from life, and then proceeds to completely make it her own! I love how she uses her imagination to really make the painting personal and unique.

Gorgeous work Vanessa!