TAD (The Art Department) Austin

I’ve just returned from spending a few days teaching at the TAD pod in Austin. It was an intense wonderful and fun time spent with the students learning and sharing. We had people from all over…Finland, Austria, England, and Canada:)
TAD is part of an online school that’s worldwide. Students can learn online depending upon their circumstances and they also they can visit and live at the various pods we’ve set up in Richmond, Kansas, Austin and soon San Diego. Please visit http://www.theartdepartment.org
I met the wonderful Vanessa and Ron Lemen who are the most articulate teachers I think I’ve ever met. And I also got to teach with Jon Foster and the ever-amazing Mark English. And great to see Jane, George, Orlando, Trey and Francis!
Thanks so much John English, and Jason Manley…there’s much more exciting news coming soon!
This was a watercolor demo I did for the students (it’s not finished yet)

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