Elvis sightings!

I’m very grateful to the great art director Fred Woodward for really giving me my wings! I worked for him on probably hundreds of assignments for Regardies magazine, Rolling Stone, and then GQ.

He is one of the most intelligent, creative and brilliant art directors of our time, and having the great honor of working with him on so many challenging and fun assignments has really been one of the high points of my career.

In going through my archives I found this series of paintings I did for him at Rolling Stone Magazine. At that time there were a rash of Elvis sightings in burger joints, gas stations, etc, as reported by venerable publications such as the National Enquirer etc. You get the idea.

As Elvis at this time was already dead, the conclusion was of course that he was/is immortal. So the idea of this series was that since there were sightings after his death, surely there would have been sightings before his birth. So here we go…Historial Elvis sightings not often reported!

And one more for good measure, not in the same series but also painted for Fred at Rolling Stone…this is called “Birth of the Sneer”

3 Responses to “Elvis sightings!”

  1. Caroline Says:

    These are absolutely fantastic! Inspired, funny and well executed. Thanks for sharing, awesome stuff!

  2. Curious Art Says:

    Hilarious series, just perfect for your trademark blend of art history & caricature! I’m a huge fan, but somehow never discovered your blog– just caught your interview on EFII & went immediately to check it out. Thanks for the interview & all these insights & visual treats– you can bet I’ll be back!

  3. hrushieksh Says:

    its amazing,
    send me mail!

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