Interview with Tim Luddy, creative director of Mother Jones

Thanks to Tim Luddy for mentioning a recent illustration I did for Mother Jones about human trafficking.
Please see;

4 Responses to “Interview with Tim Luddy, creative director of Mother Jones”

  1. Ingrid Says:

    Hello Anita, I just discovered your artwork and just wanted to say I am very impressed! May I ask how long it takes to makes a piece like this one? -Ingrid

  2. anitakunz Says:

    It usually takes a couple of days. I used to be much slower but those deadlines really make you speed-paint!

  3. Ingrid Says:

    I can imagine, I have always been a slow worker, maybe just enjoying the nitpicking a bit too much. I read somewhere that you only use watercolor.. is that true?

  4. anitakunz Says:

    It’s all water based. so most of it is watercolor/ acrylics

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