Early work!

I thought it might be fun to find and publish some of my very early work…sort of a “that was then, this is now”. I painted this for Quest magazine, a now-defunct Canadian magazine after I left art school. The topic was male rage in response to the womens’ movement. Seems very dark to me now!

3 Responses to “Early work!”

  1. Vincent Nappi Says:

    I remember seeing this in your presentation at the Academy. What a cool looking piece. Do you remember what made you decide to design the figure in that way?


  2. Joseph D"Agostino Says:

    Wow! Love seeing progression, “then and now”. I sliced this out of the magazine for inspiration, “back in the day”…and filed it under “cool illustrations”!

  3. anitakunz Says:

    I really don’t remember what made me do the figures that way…I just remember I was experimenting a lot, and trying lots and lots of different things! I think I was all over the place!

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