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God’s Brain

July 23, 2010

My favorite anthropologist Lionel Tiger (Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutger’s University and co-Research Director of the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation), has written a new book called ‘God’s Brain’. It’s a brilliant book that deals with why we have evolved the need to believe in religion.

Pictured (over sushi in NYC): Lionel Tiger, photographer extraordinaire Brian Smale, me, Dick Chin, and Joyce Ravid, dear friend and wonderful photographer for many years, also Lionel’s wife.

The Naughty Show Opening

July 1, 2010

Thanks to everyone who attended the Naughty Show opening last night! It was tons of fun and great to see so many new and old friends. The show runs through August 1st. If you missed the opening, the gallery is located at 800 Dundas Street West Toronto and is open Thursday through Sunday 1PM-4PM.

Pictured: 1. my wall with 100 watercolours of nude men, 2. Me with Marcos Chin, illustrator extraordinaire from New York, 3. Karen Tyrell, the fabulous Maurice Vellekoop, and Betty Love Minott