A bad crit!

For students!
Daniel Lim recently interviewed me about bad crits and reviews I’ve had in the past! See:


One Response to “A bad crit!”

  1. Ben Bensen Says:

    Geez, I can’t believe no one has any comments on this subject, “Bad Crit”. But maybe it is because there is nothing to follow or read. Anita, it is a great subject to discuss. I taught at Art Center in the mid eighties and I know I probably made a few bad critiques myself as I have had done to me when I was a student there.

    Anyway, like the old Creoles who cooked red beans and rice on Mondays, which was always washday, I too am cooking them so I can cruise the internet. I found this subject on your blog and thought it a subject worth a few minutes, but I could never find it, soooo, if there is an article to comment on please forward it too me.

    I am interested!

    Ben Bensen III

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