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New t-shirt

March 25, 2010

This t-shirt design will shortly be available at Friends United Network (FUN clothing)>  | 951-897-7865

It was originally published as a cover for The New Yorker magazine.

100 Heads for Haiti

March 25, 2010

David Plunkert recently asked me to contribute to this initiative. Spur Design in Baltimore is raising money for Haiti and asking 100 illustrators to contribute a simple head drawing or painting to be auctioned.  The show will raise money for Doctors Without Borders. Each piece of art will sell for $100. Show opening will be April 8th in Baltimore.

Concerning “socialized” US health care

March 23, 2010

This is a rough sketch I was shopping around recently. President Obama will today sign into law a bill that will ensure insurance coverage for the millions of Americans who currently are uninsured. There has been so much paranoia surrounding this topic. As a Canadian who lives in a country with free health care, I can only say hurrah to the President. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live without such a basic service. I shudder at the prices that some of my American friends pay just for minimal health care. And this type of care is no more socialist than the fire department or road works.

Kunz in Texas!

March 17, 2010

I’m very excited to announce that I will be artist-in-residence for 3 days at Texas A&M University, School of Architecture beginning Friday March 26. Thank you to Carol Lafayette for inviting me.  I’m planning a few idea generating projects for the students. Can’t wait..yee haw!

Illustration Now

March 17, 2010

A while back I was invited to the Savannah College of Art and Design by Julie Lieberman. She talked about doing a panel discussion with a few artists that would examine the current  state of the illustration field and suggest to students possible future trajectories. I’ll be at SCAD April 14th along with Yuko Shimizu, Chris Sickels and Christoph Niemann .

She then spoke with Steve Brodner who said he was hosting something similar at the School of Visual Arts in New York on March 23rd.

We then discussed the idea of suggesting to other schools that they do the same (sort of  a national conversation about illustration), a number of schools  said yes…and Illustration Next was born. What we will be doing is creating a website where we will be uploading the actual panel discussions, from which students can learn.

We should be live soon, and I’ll make a more formal announcement.

Recent Rolling Stone commissions

March 13, 2010

Well I’m really feeling my age now. My last 3 commissions for Rolling Stone magazine have been portraits of people I’d never even heard of!

The first is of Taylor Swift, the second is of Justin Bieber, and the third is of Kelly Clarkson. All are young pop stars with huge audiences.

Lecture with Luba Lukova

March 12, 2010

I am very excited to announce that I will be giving a lecture  and panel discussion with the great artist Luba Lukova at the Society of Illustrators in New York City, 128 east 63rd street at Lexington on Wednesday April 21st at 6:30 PM.
Luba is internationally known for her elegant and powerful political art, and she is represented in galleries and museums worldwide including the Museum of Modern Art in NY. The panel will be moderated by Fernanda Cohen, who is a remarkable artist in her own right.
I can’t wait!

Milton Glaser receives huge honor

March 1, 2010

Congratulations to the great Milton Glaser for receiving the National Medal of the Arts. He is the first designer to be so honored, and it’s of course very well deserved. Other recipients include Bob Dylan, Clint Eastwood, Maya Lin and Frank Stella.