I’m back from another absolutely genius TED conference. It’s really impossible to explain properly the impact these conferences have on me. I feel so lucky to be part of such a thoughtful caring community.

All of the TED talks will be available for free online in the coming weeks. I recommend watching all of them. Maybe we could all watch one each morning before breakfast! I’m 100% convinced that the world could be improved if we could all  get together with a positive attitude knowing that we are really all on the same page.

OK, here are my 2 favorite speakers:

The amazing Sam Harris. I’ve read all of his books in the past and highly recommend them. He’s a secular thinker who argues that religions are dangerous. Certainly most such belief systems have  increased the level of human misery on the planet a thousandfold.

And the great Bill Gates, who has turned his attention from business and technology to philanthropy. Last year he told us about how he’s trying to get more vaccines to people throughout the world who wouldn’t otherwise have access to them. Now he’s working on the very pressing issue of nuclear and sustainable energy to halt climate change. (I know…”nuclear” is a fighting word. But he’s working on using up the nuclear waste in a safe manner so that we can move toward sustainable energies)

My mind is still reeling! Please visit and visit often

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