The New Yorker rejection collection

It’s been my great pleasure to contribute covers for The New Yorker magazine. From the 20 or so that were commissioned, a dozen made it to print. I thought it would be fun to show ideas that for whatever reason were rejected. In hindsight I can see why some of them didn’t make it!
I’ll briefly explain them;
Row 1. I thought it might be a good idea to draw a medical illustration…the veins are replaced with a subway map.
I thought of a little girl blowing bubbles for the Olympics
Tiger Woods (see they’re not all great!)
A Mad Cow (ditto!)
Row 2. The birds and the bees for Valentine’s Day
For the Hallowe’en issue..
Summer issue idea
Westminster dog show idea (they say people look like their dogs)..this came out when the robot dog was released.
Row 3. Freudian slip
Bush’s spying scandal
About the icecaps melting
When the DaVinci code movie came out
Row 4. About the recession
Again, about the recession…for the Easter issue
About the bird flu
This was about Michelle Obama planting a garden at the White House
Row 5. Jeff Koons had a sculpture at the MoMA on the roof…
Santa Mao…about poisoned toys from China
About the writer’s strike
Because the last election was about race and gender, here’s a female Obama
and a black Hillary
Row 6. Sarah Palin as Betty Boop with McCain as her doggie friend
Wascally wabbit Obama and Elmer Fudd McCain
Obama as the Lincoln monument…a white man shines his shoes
My favourite…Obama cleans up the mess the Republican elephant left.

Sometimes I finish the paintings anyway. Sometimes Vanity Fair magazine buys the illustrations.
Picture 4 is again about the melting of the polar ice caps…Noah’s ark redux
Picture 5 is for the cartoon edition.
Picture 6 is about American international relations during the Bush administration
Picture 7 and 8 were published in the Green issue of Vanity Fair…dirty oceans and global warming.
Picture 9 is about “Intelligent Design”

2 Responses to “The New Yorker rejection collection”

  1. Ferdinand Stanis Says:

    My computer beeps at me when I try to add the blogs RSS feed to my feed reading software. Unfortunately I am not too tech savvy. Any ideas on what I could do differently?

  2. w Says:

    Aaahh, it’s encouraging for us mere mortals to see that you have a ‘rejection collection’ too…
    I always find it as interesting to see the scribble stage as the finished. Many thanks for showing them.

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