Michael Jackson

Today marks the memorial service for Michael Jackson. This is an image I painted many years ago, when he still had a certain innocence but was already a major talent. Later of course he was to become very troubled and who knows if the allegations of pedophelia are true or not.
Since his death there has been almost no news in North America of anything else. It amazes me how we elevate some to god-like status.
This image was published again on the cover of Argentinian Rolling Stone. Please visit http://visualmente.blogspot.com/2009/07/exclusivo-anita-kunz-dibuja-michael.html. There you will see a very interesting Argentinian artists’ blog (and a short interview with me.)


One Response to “Michael Jackson”

  1. Fernanda Segolin de Rezende Says:

    I loved this Michael Mouse or Mickey Jackson!

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