Amazing and shocking image

This is an image that I want to share with everybody on the planet. It’s by Dave Gallo from the TED conference and shows three comparative spheres. The first one is our planet. The second one is the amount of water on our planet. And the third shows the amount of FRESH water on the planet. Really shocking. Look closely. It’s barely visible. I think that most of us assume that there’s lots and lots more water. EARTH.WATER.Dave.GalloPlease pass it on…..

6 Responses to “Amazing and shocking image”

  1. W Says:

    That is one of the most amazing visuals I have seen as far as giving a compelling message on the precious resource of fresh water.

  2. Dave Gallo Says:

    Amazing isn’t it. The image still stuns me…and it came out of my head. Very little water on this planet and what does exist is magic. Wait til you see what’s next!

    I thank the artistic talent of Woods Hole illustrator Jack Cook. He got something here just right.

    SPEAKING OF ILLUSTRATION…congratulations to you Anita on the Order of Canada. Bravo!!

  3. anitakunz Says:

    Thanks for the comment Dave!! I think absolutely everyone should see this image. It’s SO important! Somehow we think in terms of an endless water supply when the opposite is true. And thanks for letting us know the illustrators name..Jack Cook
    all the best

  4. Kosta Says:

    The illustrator is missing the amount of living creatures that would consume that fresh water. The above comparison is useless without comparing it those that require it to live.

    For example, if the living creatures were the size of the planet, then there’s a problem. If the living creatures were 1 billionth the size of the fresh water sphere, then no problem.

  5. D Says:

    I was quite stunned and still can’t quite believe what I’m looking at. Thanks for the post.

  6. Alok Kumar Says:

    this is very usefully and stunning post. I & my friend also shocked. thanks a tons.

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