Order of Canada

I am thrilled, honoured and humbled to announce that I am being appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada, Canada’s highest civilian honour by
her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada.
For more information please see http://www.gg.ca/media/doc.asp?lang=e&DocID=5815.
The ceremonies will take place in Ottawa later this year. My deepest thanks to those who nominated and confirmed me.


2 Responses to “Order of Canada”

  1. donny Says:

    CONGRATS. So thrilled for you. I’m not sure I’ve heard of an illustrator getting that title before (though I’m quite the ignoramus) but it’s so very inspiring.

  2. Edward Kinnally Says:

    Your work prods the little grey brain cells into action – congratulations on this well-deserved appointment!

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