This week marked the 10th anniversary of the remarkable ideaCity conference in Toronto, hosted by media guru Moses Znaimer. I had the great pleasure of once again attending. I’ve given talks about my work and successes in the past and this year thought I’d give the audience a brief talk about my failures!
I showed some of my ideas that were killed by the New Yorker magazine. There have been a few books published recently showcasing rejected artists’ ideas by The New Yorker and also by the New York Times.
In any event, the conference was amazing as usual.
Fifty speakers talked about everything from astronomy to bee societies. Dr. Josef Penninger the brilliant Austrian scientist gave us an update about how he will have a vaccine within a year that will significantly reduce the incidences of breast cancer
(he has already isolated the osteoporosis gene and his vaccine against that disease will shortly be available.)
Bobby Kennedy inspired us all with his activism stories related to saving fresh water systems.
Mark Showalter showed us gorgeous photos of Saturn’s rings. David Ben showed us how gambling greats cheat at cards! Tom Harpur spoke of uniting the great religions with the idea of peace. Richard MacDonald spoke of allowing severely ill people to die with compassion. Maude Barlow spoke of how we are in danger of ruining what fresh water we have left. The remarkable anthropologist Wade Davis eloquently spoke of tribal cultures. And much of that was only the first day!
It was great to see my friends Michelle Rainey (marijuana legalization activist)  Dr. Jaymie Matthews (astrophysicist and party animal) actor and artist Marilyn Lightstone, oceanographer Dr. Joe MacInnis (of the movie ” Titanic”) and the many others.
Happy anniversary Moses and thanks for allowing me to to be part of the ideaCity family.ideaCityDr Jaymie Matthews and me
Bobby Kennedy and me
Dr. Jaymie Matthews and me

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