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SCAD Atlanta

February 27, 2009

I’m just back from Atlanta and the Savannah College of Art and Design where I taught a workshop with the supremely talented (and much taller) Sam Weber. It was great to spend some time with the wonderful students and instructors. Rick Lovell was responsible for bringing us down and we were impressed by what an engaged and passionate educator he is (and great artist in his own right). I hope the students keep in touch and let me know how you’re all doing!

sam-weber-and-anita-kunz1Photo copyright Rick Lovell


February 17, 2009

I’m off to SCAD Atlanta this week to lecture and give a workshop with Sam Weber. He’s an amazing young artist and I look forward to spending some time with him and the students. I’ll report back upon my return.poster_kunz


February 17, 2009

Well I don’t know what to say about the TED conference. I’ve been to two now, and each conference has been dazzling, mind blowing and unbelievably inspiring. From Al Gore’s stunning and frightening update to his “An Inconvenient Truth” film (the icecaps are melting even faster than we originally thought) to Sylvia Earle’s heartbreaking tales of how the oceans are dying, to Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk about creativity and genius, each session is captivating and life altering. TED is like the best school, with the most up to date information possible.
All talks will be available at at some point in the near future. I highly recommend seeing ALL of them.ted20092


February 16, 2009

On a recent trip to New York I was very happy to see that both Stefan Sagmeister and James Victore have had some of their posters accepted in to the Museum of Modern Art Collection. In an art world where commercial applications of art are often viewed as less valid, it’s gratifying to see that these 2 great artist/designers are getting the credit they deserve for the groundbreaking work they do.

Art Center in Pasadena

February 16, 2009

Thank you so much to the wonderful Ann Field, chair of the illustration department at Art Center for inviting me to speak to the students last week. The school is well known for having graduated some of the best illustrators and artists around. I gave one more formal talk and one more casual Q&A session. We covered a wide range of subjects including my personal journey, copyright and the current illustration climate.
The students were bright, engaged and great!
Thanks Ann and hope to see you again soon.

The Stahl House

February 16, 2009

I just returned from LA and I have lots to report! The TED conference! The fabulous students at Art Center! But first, this…the Stahl house.
I had absolutely no idea that this exquisite architectural marvel is owned by the Stahls, and that they are actually part of my extended family. From Wikipedia:
Case Study House #22, aka Stahl House, is a modernist styled house in the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles, California that was designed by C.H. “Buck” Stahl (Client) and Pierre Koenig (Architect). Built in 1959 and part of the Case Study Houses program, the house is considered an iconic representation of modern architecture in Los Angeles during the 20th century.[1] It was made famous by a photograph by Julius Shulman showing two women leisurely sitting at a corner of the house with a panoramic view of the city through the floor to ceiling glass walls at night.
If you’re in LA and would like to see this fabulous home visit They do organized tours. Well worth it if you’re at all interested in architecture. Also see:

Copyrighted image

Copyrighted image


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