I was very fortunate to have spent a very wonderful but very tiring 4 days in Istanbul last week with the great Ralph Steadman and his wonderful wife Anna.

We were flown to Istanbul to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Dogan International Cartoon Competition. Plus we were asked to give a talk at the university.

It was my third time in Istanbul and I’m always struck by how the visual language we all share can transcend language and culture. It’s always a great learning experience to meet working artists from other countries. I met a lovely young woman cartoonist from Iran. She was very interested to find out how I view the political climate in the US. And of course she was desperate to know if indeed McCain would bomb her city Tehran should he become president. Frightening and heartbreaking.

Today is election day, and hopefully tomorrow we can begin a new directionanita-ralph in the spirit of peace and cooperation.

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  1. bog_art Says:

    I was just searching in the internet and I discovered your blog.. Congratulations!.. you are a famous artist!..

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